Variety of Blissful Creation (Poems)

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I am a Lady…

I hear your voice, but not what you saying. Is that drama you speak? Are you complaining? You talk about things that’s not your concern. Grow-up be a man is what you should learn. The things you say that comes out your mouth. Will only hurt you and break you down. See I’m a lady and deserves respect. I wouldn’t waste my time putting you in check. The words you say have no meaning. When you refer them to a black Queen. It’s hard being a black woman. The things we go through. Keep your self-respect. Don’t let anyone take that from you. Close your mouth and stop your complaining. Be a man, and respect that I am a Lady.

Life and Love

Life and love are the most precious things.Sometimes overwhelming with the joy it can bring.Life is not easy and neither is love.Strength comes from within and the God up above. If you live your life and put God first.You can make the best out of the worse.Love is something that’s hard to explain. You can feel peaceful, and sometimes feel pain.The wonders of life and the joy of love. Can be very successful when sent from up above. No matter how stressful things may seem. Enjoy love and life as if you’re full filling your dream.

Left Me Hanging

You left me hanging without a clue. Now I’m wondering what did I do. We laughed and talked all the time. You was the only one on my mind. I cared so deeply, that I couldn’t see.That you was only making a fool of me. I gave you everything you want and more.Yet you still chose to walk out the door. I can honestly say I’m glad you’re gone. Now I’m stress free and can move on. I wish you the best in everything you do. Sorry to say you’ve ruin whats best for you. As time goes on, I have one thing to say. May everyday for you be a blessfull day. Now you can see that doing me wrong. Didn’t break me at all. It only made me strong.

If I Was a Bird

If I was a bird, I would fly away. To experience the world day by day. I will fly away and whistle with the wind. To gather up all my feather friends. I’ll fly away towards the sky. To kiss the heaven clouds goodbye. I’ll spread my wings to show how much love.
I have in my heart for the god above.

Love Of a Grandmother

The bell has rang once again, and taken away our closest of kin. For us there is no way of forgetting the love and joy of her visiting. The smiles she gave. The hugs were given. There’s nothing to take the place of her living. She loved and helped the ones she could. The life she lived was very good. I know in my heart she would be dearly missed. The love she gave was like one big kiss. I will miss her and so will others. No uncles or aunts can take the place of my grandmother. (This Poem is in Dedication to Nysha Love for her loss)

Love of God

God is a man o higher power. He’s there when you need him. Anyday, anyhour. There is nothing you can’t ask that he want do. A mustard seed of faith is all he ask from you. You can call on him anytime, anywhere. No matter where you’re at he’s always there. The love of God is all you need, but you got to have faith. Only a mustard seed.


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